Breast Cancer Month

Cancer has become somewhat of an epidemic, with almost everyone knowing of a family member or a friend that has suffered from cancer or whom is currently fighting cancer. Today more than ever we have to do our part and spread awareness around cancer, do what we can do to reduce the chances of getting cancer and then also to get tested and fight cancer through the means of early detection.

How to Fight Breast Cancer? 

  • Statistically 1 in 8 women will suffer from breast cancer but with early detection the survival rate is about 90%. So our #1 tool for fighting cancer is through early detection, please get yourself tested ladies!
  • Do some research on breast cancer reduction foods and make them part of your diet. There was also a study done on over 55 000 women from France where they used canola oil and it resulted in a 30% reduction in the likely-hood to get breast cancer, due to the high Omega 3 content.
  • Educate your family, friends and encourage them to also get tested.

Beyond these three top cancer fighting tips, it’s also really important to spread awareness and to show your support, for that reason B-well has launched a Pink Label Campaign to show our support for those suffering from cancer, those whom have been lost and also the families. So keep an eye out for our Pink label B-well 750ml and 2L canola cooking oil bottles in Pick n Pay, Fruit & Veg and Spar stores nationwide and show your support!