Cancer Fighting Foods

On world cancer day, everyone should take a strong step to fight cancer. Researches suggest that common food we take in our daily routine lower risk of cancer. Many of food in your pantry may help you maintain a cancer free life. Adding some healthy foods in your diet prevent cancer and other disease also.

These are cancer fighting foods which gives you a healthy life:

1 Wheatgrass: Nature has a magical power to heel any type of disease. Nature itself cure disease with its sources, wheatgrass is one of them it contain minerals vitamin A, C, B, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium. Main element in wheatgrass is it contain chlorophyll which is a source of light and oxygen, special enzymes of wheatgrass help in repair red blood cells, it act as detoxifier, build immunity which fight cancer. It can use in any form raw, juice or in powder.

2 Nuts: Almond, Walnut, Brazil nuts are huge source of various vitamins, antioxidants, amino acid, copper, manganese, zinc and biotin. Nuts are act as energy booster improve brain power and prevent cancer. Walnut helps in reduce prostate cancer, breast cancer.

3 Berries: Natures give us a variety of berries with different color. Each color has its own impact on our health, blueberries are rich source of antioxidant reduce heart disease.

Bilberries are smaller than blueberries; these are protecting blood vessels and improve the eye sight.

Strawberries: good source of phenol, antioxidant, potassium, vitamin, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium. Strawberry’s pinkish red color helps to reduce cholesterol, heart disease.

Blackberries: contain vitamin C, vitamin E, elegiac acid act as a cancer fighting agent.

4 Garlic: This small white tiny super food contains calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, vitaminB1, B6, manganese. It reduced high blood pressure, lower the risk of cancer

5 Broccolis: Rich source of vitamin, antioxidants, foliate, decrease risk of breast cancer in women, reduce obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Broccolis contain sulforaphane compound which boosted body enzymes and decrease cancer causing chemicals.

These are regular foods which we avoid to eat, but these are the nature’s gift to us which helps us to fight any type of cancer in a easiest way. Everyone should take these foods in their daily routine for cancer free life.