Pregnancy & Omega 3’s

Omega 3 is an amazing fatty-acid and during pregnancy it has dozens of health benefits both for the mom and the baby. However, today most of our diet is severely deficient in these important nutrients. Omega-3 plays many important roles during pregnancy…

Omega 3’s – During Pregnancy:

    • Omega-3s has been shown to be essential for the visual and neurological development of babies.
    • May reduce the risk of allergies in infants.
    • Increased intake of EPA and DHA has been shown to prevent early labour and premature birth, lower the risk of pre-eclampsia and may increase birth weight.
    • Omega-3 intake also decreases the mother’s risk of depression.
    • The fetus also uses omega-3s for its nervous system development.

In a 2013 survey, more than two thirds of pregnant women and new mothers said that they had not received any information from their health care providers about the benefits that Omega-3 could provide during their pregnancy.

Omega 3’s – Early Childhood Development:

  • Hand-eye coordination.
  • Attention span.
  • Puzzle solving skills.
  • Cognitive development.
  • Reduce depression symptoms.
  • Reduce inflammation in the airways, which could benefits those with asthma due to the anti-inflammation properties of Omega 3.
  • Children at high risk of diabetes 2 are less likely to develop the condition.
  • Omega-3s are even used after birth to make milk.

Most infants, young children and adults are severely deficient in Omega 3’s. Omega-3s play many essential roles during pregnancy and a higher intake will help the mother to not become depleted in these essential fatty acids..