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10 Steps to self-love for the month of love

10 Steps to self-love for the month of love

Love is one of the highest emotional vibrations, the reason for some of the best songs, movies, books and literature. Love inspires creation! So, for us to create, to heal, to feel good, we have to let love in. Good news is, experiencing love isn’t limited to being or sharing with another, love is something that can be engaged with on a personal level – which has the same benefits on our beings. For February, the month of love, we are sharing 10 self-love tips.

1. Accept and release your past, especially if it is causing you pain. Remember that we cannot change the past. We can only acknowledge our part in it, to come to terms with how it made you feel. To forgive ourselves and others in order to release ourselves from the situation. Acknowledge and learn from the experience in order to move forward.

2. Practice gratitude. Create a practice of recalling all the things you are grateful for really lifts the spirit and connects us to the source of all our blessings as well as the reasons we feel thankful. Start a gratitude diary, where you can journal all the things that make you feel blessed, which will help when you feel a bit down and need a lift.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others. Come to the understanding that we are all unique individuals, with our own unique life, circumstances and environments that we were raised in. Remember that your body and mind are unique to you too, and that comparing ourselves to others who are created with different features, traits, strengths and weaknesses is detrimental. Therefore, we can instead harness our energy into nurturing and supporting what we can love about ourselves, like that we love in others.

4. De-clutter your life, by this I mean declutter your entire environment. This includes your home and living space, the place you work and also your social circles – the people you surround yourself with. This can be one of the biggest contributors to not feeling good about yourself. Sometime we are in fact surrounded by toxic individuals who do not make us feel worthy or bring us down. Those need to go. Instead, spend your time with people that promote your well-being, that are committed to your relationship and to showing up in a way that resonates with you. This promotes love, growth and good vibes.

5. Start each day with a positive outlook. Reflect on how well you’ve done something, celebrating small wins and acknowledging what you like about yourself and your life. Reading affirmations or playing your favorite music can also set the tone for a more uplifted internal space.

6. Remember to move, to shake and love that gorgeous body. Remind yourself of the strength your body has, how it is capable of so much and of how it is showing up each moment, keeping you breathing, feeling and experiencing. Show it the love and appreciation for all of this, and learn to love the skin, your features, the unique beauty your body holds.

7. Fill yourself up with love: food made with love, clean and fresh water, what you watch/read/listen to all equals the energy you take in. Curate your food intake to actually energize you and nourish your body and mind. Picking brands that resonate with you and that you ethically agree with.

8. Rest, restore and reboot. Don’t underestimate the power of good rest and of slowing things down. Time to settle is important for our adrenals to equalize, our body to come back to balance and our energy to recalibrate. There is great healing in sleep, in meditation and in living stress-free, give yourself some alone or quiet time for it.

9. Be patient and persistent. Remember that this journey to self-love is an ever unfolding one. We are constantly fluctuating, which is part of growing and evolving, if we treat each day as an opportunity to dive deeper into the relationship with self, to soften with ourselves during the hard times, we will learn in order to understand our inner selves more. We can allow more space for ourselves and others with more understanding.

10. Do what you love, find your passions and pursue them! Sure, life is short, but it is the longest thing we know. This means we have one giant opportunity to do and partake in all the smaller things that fit into life that make our spirits dance, that get us super excited, perhaps even what scare you sometimes. If we remember that there is, “No failures, only Feedback”, we can have fun and know that everything that excites us is worth trying.