The Taste Explorers Cookbook

Introducing a special assortment of wholesome and nutritious recipes, tailor-made for stress-free school and dinner meal prep, catering to kids of all ages. Crafted in partnership with Dr. Monique Piderit and the Munchie Monster nation, this collection offers delightful dishes designed to make meal prep a breeze!

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    Anti Inflammation Cookbook

    The new B-well Anti-inflammatory cookbook, featuring different tasty snacks and meals to aid with overcoming inflammation and to increase the quality of your health and life. Each recipe combines some of the strongest anti-inflammatory foods and potent antioxidants, with flavours to boost your senses and support you on your wellness journey.

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      Cooking For Kids Cookbook

      The B-well Cooking For Kids Cookbook, an exciting exploration through delicious, colourful, playful and homey recipes aimed at children, their special and unique nutritional needs, eating behaviours and risks.

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        Happy Heart Cookbook

        The Happy Heart Cookbook was designed to focus on lowering the load on the cardiovascular system which relates to your heart. The Happy Heart Cookbook represents B-well's commitment to positive change in the local consumer market.

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          Immune Boosting Cookbook

          From the B-well family with love, we present the Immune Boosting Cookbook. A collection of easy recipes made to boost your immunity.

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            Fan favourite cookbook

            We wanted to create a recipe book that inspired people to cook again. To show people just how easy it is to recreate restaurant quality dishes from the comfort of their homes. Dishes which are not only easier on the wallet, but much tastier as well.

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              The inspiration behind this cookbook was to celebrate the bringing together of old favourites and new flavours. The focus was to create some really special dishes to keep you sustained and balanced nutritionally while you dedicate your time spiritually.

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                Smart choice cookbook

                The Smart Choice Cookbook with the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) distinguishes itself from other healthy-eating cookbooks with its collection of fresh recipes that focus on ingredients that may aid in reducing the risk of cancer.

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                  VEGAN COOKBOOK

                  The inspiration behind this cookbook was to celebrate the cruelty-free plant-based diet, and a growing movement in South Africa and across the globe. With growing evidence indicating the health benefits of this diet, it has become apparent that “Veganism” is not a trend, but a legitimate way of life with many, many health benefits.

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