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How To Treat Your Dad During The Pandemic This Fathers Day

How To Treat Your Dad During The Pandemic This Fathers Day

Father’s Day is soon approaching and while there are many ways to spoil our dads, grandfathers and all paternal figures, the pandemic may create some setbacks.
We want to turn those setbacks into opportunities to be creative and treat them to something a little different, by showing our appreciation, love and care through some fun (and bonding) activities.

We have come up with 10 fun ways which can be used to inspire you in celebrating all that they are.

1. It’s not only moms who enjoy breakfast in bed, dads do too. Wake up a bit earlier and prepare your dad his favourite breakfast options and a bug mug of tea/coffee as he likes. We love making fun omelets with lots of filling to serve with some buttered toast. Bring it all on a tray when he wakes up.

2. Bake your dads’ favourite treats and cakes and fill a mug with it, you may need to ask for some help if you need. Make sure you make lots, so he can enjoy these baked treats while he sips on his drink from the mug you got him.

3. Games and puzzle evening. Have lots of snacks available and all the members of your family together and set up a game for you all to enjoy together. Or purchase a toy making set, so you can build it together.

4. Compile a playlist of your dad’s favourite music songs, albums and tracks and have a dance party. Make sure you set a table with lots of snacks, get creative with the lighting and make sure you’ve cleared a space for the dancefloor. You can even create a virtual zoom party with your other family members and friends who can join in the party too.

5. This one may not be for everyone, especially if you live on a shared property or apartment, so if you are in a house with a garden or a yard, with permission and with adult supervision, dig a pit or create a special bond fire for an outdoors experience of marshmallow braaiing and “campfire” stories. This will be a great way for to hear about some stories about your dad when he was a kid and the experiences he has to share. Make sure to ask him lots about his favourite memories. If you live in an apartment/flat, even sitting around a braai stand will work.

6. Sports day! Create a sports day featuring your dads favourite sport, by playing a mini version of it in the space you have. Create your own rules for some laughs and allow him to show you the best way to position yourself or to throw correctly. Watch some of his favourite sports highlights and ask him some of his favourite sporting achievements or about his favourite sporting moment. Make some popcorn and enjoy together.

7. Yes, even men enjoy some TLC. Create a spa experience for your dad by setting up different stations around your home for him to receive different care packs. Something like exfoliating facials, a foot rub or a head and back massage will be great. Make sure to set the mood with candles and wonderful smelling oils.

8. While we’re on the topic of TLC, remember the saying and say after me, “if you love them, let them sleep”. Create a ‘Zen den’ for your dad with lots of comfy pillows and make sure to keep things silent and without any distractions. Put on some binaural beats from the internet or some calming meditation music and allow your dad to rest and recharge.

9. Create an outdoor or indoor obstacle course, this way your dad can work out and test or laugh at his fitness and have fun. We recommend using chairs to climb over and tables to climb under, but be creative and make it interesting- think cut out islands that he has to jump on to miss the lava (perhaps a blanket). Make sure there is a winning prize, maybe his favourite snacks and a tall glass of his favourite drink.

10. Make your dad a book or photo album of all the best moments and memories you’ve shared together, adding lots of things you love and appreciate about him. Create something that he can keep and admire at a later stage to remind him of how special he is to you.

Of course, there are still countless ways to say, “I Love YOU”, but make sure you share this with your father/grandfather/paternal guardian. Life is short, yet it is the longest thing we know, so let’s use this opportunity to show these men how happy we are to have them and what great people they are to us!