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Pumpkin, Date and Nut cake with Greek yoghurt icing

Experiencing life’s simple pleasures can be so soothing and can recharge one’s energy, much like this moreish, show-stopping cake! A true pleaser for anyone who gets a slice and for the body. Low in sugar, high in nutrient dense pumpkin and with a gut-soothing Yoghurt icing for full cake power!

Serves: 12 – 14

Time: 1 hr 30 mins + cooling time

Level: Easy-Ish

Star Ingredients:

⦁ Pumpkins: High in Antioxidants, Beta-carotene, Vit. A & C

⦁ Dates: Selenium, Magnesium, Potassium, Vit. C, B1, B2

⦁ Greek Yoghurt: Gut-health promoting bacteria, Vit. B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, A and E

What you’ll Need:

⦁ 1 cup B-WELL Canola Oil

⦁ B-WELL Canola Baking Spray

⦁ 450g raw pumpkin, grated

⦁ 200g dates, pitted and chopped

⦁ 50ml bourbon/apple juice/water

⦁ 190g brown sugar/xylitol/coconut sugar

⦁ 330g self-raising whole wheat flour

⦁ 2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

⦁ 2 tsp ground cinnamon

⦁ 1 tsp nutmeg

⦁ 1 tsp ground allspice

⦁ ½ tsp salt

⦁ 4 eggs/Flax eggs (1 flax egg = 1 tbsp flax powder + 3 tbsp water/coconut cream)

⦁ ½ cup raw walnuts, chopped

For the Greek Yoghurt Icing

⦁ 2 cups plain full fat Greek Yoghurt

⦁ 2 tsp pure vanilla extract

⦁ 1 cup powdered sugar/sweetener/ 1 Tbsp Stevia Glycerite

⦁ 2 Tbsp coconut flour (if using Stevia)

How to Make:

For the Yoghurt Icing (Prepare first)

1. Place a fine-mesh strainer over a small bowl. Place the yogurt in the strainer. Wrap with plastic wrap and place in the fridge to drain for at least two hours (NB: Otherwise, the yogurt will be too liquid to make a proper icing)

2. Using an electric hand mixer on medium speed, beat the strained yogurt, the vanilla, and the sweetener (and coconut flour if using) for about 2 mins until the icing thickens.

3. Cover and place in the fridge for 30 minutes, while you prep and bake your cake

For the cake

1. Preheat the oven to 180˚C. Spray a bundt tin (donut shaped cake tin) or cake loaf tray with B-WELL Canola Baking Spray, making sure to cover all sides.

2. Place the grated pumpkin in a colander/strainer and squeeze out any excess liquid.

3. In a small bowl, place half of the dates in with the bourbon/apple juice/water and set aside to soak while continuing with the cake.

4. In a mixing bowl, beat the eggs/flax egg until light in colour, about 5 minutes. Add the sugar and continue beating until the mixture thickens and lightens, for another 5 minutes.

5. Add the B-WELL Canola Oil to the batter and beat for 2 minutes until combined.

6. Sift the flour along with the bicarbonate of soda, spices and salt into a bowl- include the wheat from the sieve in to the bowl too.

7. Stir the dry ingredients into the eggy mixture, and fold in the soaked dates with their liquid.

8. Add pumpkin, the leftover dry dates and walnuts and fold into the batter.

9. Pour the batter into the prepared cake/bundt tin and bake for 40 – 50 minutes or until a skewer/sharp knife comes out clean.

10. Remove from oven and allow the cake to cool completely in the tin before turning out onto a wire rack.

11. To ice the cake, wait until it is completely cool, then simply use a spatula or piping bag to spread icing over the cake. Decorate with chopped walnuts to complete.

12. Serve with tea or coffee and fall in love, one bite at a time.