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10 Tips For The Ultimate Summer

10 Tips For The Ultimate Summer

Summer time is coming in hot! Yup, the African sun is turning up, clothing is getting lighter and our moods are getting summer silly. We have compiled some useful tips to prep you well for the heated season, to ensure the smoothest experience and to make sure you and your family keep having fun in the sun!

Summer Loving : How to keep it a blast!

1. Eat as much fresh seasonal fruit and veg as possible! These contain the highest amounts of vitamins and nutrients, packed with good sugars for brain energy.

2. Stay hydrated! Drink water and eat your water too. Fresh fruit and veg contain the most percentage of H₂O. See hydrating foods post.

3. Clean, peel, chop and store your fruit and veg every week- ready to cook up for those on-the-go lifestyles.

4. Cook double! Collect/invest in some decent food containers, eat half and freeze the other half.

5. Eat foods that boost sun protection. Foods with high amounts of antioxidants (e.g lycopene). Foods like tomatoes, watermelon, berries, green tea, broccoli, dark chocolate, foods high in vitamin C and Omega-3 fatty acids.

6. Be pro-active with your alcohol intake– think drinking 1 beer equals drinking 1 glass of water and make skinnier cocktails- sweeten with fruits instead of syrups.

7. Get creative with leftovers! Some foods are even better the next day- think curries/pasta sauce/soups- a soup can always become a sauce.

8. Limit dishes to limit wash-up time. Eat with your hands and serve meals on a big platter, shared with friends and family instead of individual plates.

9. Be more conscious with your food choices. Cut down on foods with high amounts of sugar, salt and extra additives. These lead to a host of illnesses and slow the body down.

10. Boost your meals by adding superfoods, like Moringa, Chia seeds, Maca and Omega-3, found in our B-Well Oil and Mayonnaise’s- for added benefits on the body.