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12 Ways To Treat Your Mom During A Pandemic

12 Ways To Treat Your Mom During A Pandemic

Most social activities have slowed down during this time, but chances are your mom has not. Mother’s Day has come and gone, although every day should be Mother’s Day. Extra appreciation, extra gratitude and extra spoils for the woman who has your back, nurturing and loving you since the first time you met. The comfort, grace, love and nurturing essence of a mother is incomparable. The safe haven of her arms and the loving touch of her hands. The same hands that feed you, clean after you, reach for you and pray for you. We just want to extend our hand to these superhumans we call mom.

While this may be a distant celebration for some due to lockdown, we are dedicating this post to the mothers, grannies, mother-in-laws, foster-moms, all maternal-figures in our lives and to recognize the incredible influence of mothers in our lives and in society.

Here are some great ways to spoil your mom or guardian from the comfort of your home:

  1. Let mom sleep in, make sure the room is dark and the house is quiet. This will allow her to start her day on a good note and as she feels, as the saying goes, “if you love them, let them sleep”. A cup of coffee or some hot lemon water will be great as she wakes.
  2. Make her a special, personalized card.
  3. Add to her garden or gift her with a new plant. Plants are great ways to spruce up the energy of a space and beautify it, to lift ones mood and cleanses the air too.
  4. Fill a jar with her favourite candies and little treats. Wrap with a ribbon and a special card or notes of love.
  5. Set up a spa day for your mom. You can create a station at home where she can soak her feet and get a foot rub, another station for a massage- perhaps in the bedroom or on a comfy couch, and another station for her to rest and recline with a face mask and some cucumber slices to soothe her eyes.
  6. Get some beads, charms and jewellery supplies and make some bracelets or necklaces together. Get creative and make things for each other.
  7. Organize a movie night where mom gets to pick her favourite movie and you have the popcorn, snacks and drinks sorted for her. Make sure to grab lots of comfy pillows to be extra cosy.
  8. Get some canvases, paint and some wine. Invite your moms closest friends or family and have them enjoy a paint and wine evening (with lots of snacks).
  9. Find a yoga class your mom will enjoy, set up some mats and make sure you both will be undisturbed while you and your mom enjoy a home online yoga class.
  10. Create a favourite moments book for her where you write down all your most favourite experiences shared together. Include pictures and small tokens you may have. She will cherish this for sure.
  11. Create a picnic in the garden/balcony or on the carpet. Pack a basket full of your favourite snacks, fruits and treats. Lay down a blanket and bring along some games, a speaker playing some of her favourite music and enjoy.
  12. The last one, make your mom breakfast in bed or treat her to these delicious lemon blueberry breakfast muffins!