Kitchen Warriors Guide To Saving Water

March is world water month, a month to celebrate water as a divine life force and to raise awareness of the billions of people around the world who still don’t have access to fresh running water.

All about the ‘Love Hormone’

Love is taking on new meanings. Long gone are the days of waiting on a sweet valentine to send you a rose. Nowadays, it’s about planting the seeds for our own sweet romance or buying that rose bouquet for yourself.

Canola Oil Benefits Your Health

Canola oil is of such a superior nature that CANSA has recognised the product as a ‘Smart Choice’ because it contains up to 12% omega-3 fatty acids, an excellent omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio of 2 to 1 and can reduce the production of

Optimizing Men’s Health

Our bodies are our vessels, they carry us from birth until last breath. Depending on what fuel we take in will determine many factors, much like the quality of fuel you put in your vehicle. Unfortunately, men tend to draw the short end in the

Healthy Weight Management

Each one of us is incredibly unique individuals, with our own characteristics, quirks and looks due to our hereditary history, individual circumstances and lifestyles.  When it comes to our bodies and weight, especially in these current times where we are equipped with endless dietary studies,

Detoxifying for life, a healthier life.

Let’s admit, detoxing has become trendy, especially with vegan and plant-based eating on the rise, people are definitely opening up more and more to all the channels of ‘health hacking’.

Eat Yo Winter Veg!

Winter has hit and the forecast is chilly with the chance of colds and flus. We are tapping into the top healthiest, seasonal foods to help prep your body and immune system with adapting to the winter changes.


Good Mood Food and why it is so important.

Ever heard, “You are what you eat”? We surely have countless times. But who knew the way we feel, the way we make decisions, our own inner drive is so closely linked to the foods that we consume?